Permaculture Design Certificate

2018 Registration Form PDC Application

Course Dates and Times:

August 6th to August 18, Course will end with on August 18 NH Permaculture Gathering at Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire Ecovillage (the course fee include the registration to this event).The course will begin Monday, August 6th: Breakfast served at 8 am, Class begin, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and will end Saturday August 18 5:00 pm. For lodging: Teepees,  small dorm cabins or camping option provided on-site. (included in you course fees)

Course Meals:

The course will include fresh cook organic breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. *Please let us know your preferences and restrictions before the start of the course.

Program Cost:

$975 if registered by 4/15/18 ( 25% security deposit $243.75)

$1,050 registered after 4/15/18 (25% deposit $262.50)

$100.00 cancellation fee until 4/1/18, no refunds after 4/15/15

Financing the Course:

Student loans may be available from the Permaculture Credit Union and other sources.

More Information:

Please call Leonie Brien at (603)331-1669 or email at


Course size is limited. To reserve your space, please mail this form with full 25 % security deposit payment, payable to The Ecovillage Institute, 3 Angels Road Unit A, Colebrook NH, 03576

Dear applicant, as a community we all follow certain guidelines that we would like you to agree to:


  •         We believe that « respect » for others encompasses the obligation of being clean, especially after a hard day of Work.  So you will be required to follow specific rules regarding hygiene

  •         Dirty clothes are not allowed in the dining room.  

  •         Before coming for meals please clean yourself and wash your hands

  •         All our inside and outside premises are NON-SMOKING Area

  •         Illegal drugs are prohibited. We want to protect our children and there is zero tolerance in that matter

  •         Do not bring any alcohol

  •         Any sign of violence, weapon bearing, verbal abuse or aggressive behavior, whatever your explanations, are a cause for immediate and automatic expulsion

  •         « Blue Jeans » clothing is prohibited for the members and long term visitors in accordance with our educational philosophy and because the production of this fabric is highly toxic


  •         Our rule about pets is VERY SIMPLE: never bring them.

PLEASE BRING WITH YOU  ( for weekends and long term stay)

  •         Come prepared for changeable weather. It can get chilly…

  •         Outdoor clothing (long-sleeve shirts, t-shirts, long pants, shorts)

  •         Footwear for outdoor activities (running shoes, boots or rain shoes that can get dirty)

  •         Clean shoes for wearing indoors

  •         Rain coat

  •         Bathing suit

  •         Clean outfits (pants and dress/button shirt for men; shirts /blouses, skirt, and dresses for women)

  •         Hat or cap

  •         Sun cream

  •         Toiletries

  •         Water bottle

  • Important: Provide us your resume and a photo of yourself with this completed document.Or send mail to:

    3 Angels Rd, Unit A Colebrook, NH, USA, 03576


    Please make check to:

    The Ecovillage Institute

    Mailing address:

    3 Angels Rd, Unit A

    Colebrook, NH, USA, 03576